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Culture. CBD boutique opens in Boulder as sales of cannabidiol move out of dispensaries and into general retail. The best weed apps, from social networks to Denver dispensary deals.

CBD is completely non-psychoactive and helps support wellness on many levels. Here’s a concise but comprehensive comparison of CBD vs.THC.

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According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, an estimated 3 million While the THC in marijuana results in a psychoactive 'high', CBD is non-intoxicating. Glaucoma is a condition that causes pressure in the eyes that damage your optic nerve. Transcript Project CBD: Welcome to another edition of Cannabis  24 Jan 2019 Eye Doctors Caution Against Using CBD as Glaucoma Remedy out the eye-pressure-lowering effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the  Thus, they could potentially be useful in the treatment of glaucoma. Classic cannabinoids such as Δ9-THC, HU-211, and CBD have antioxidant properties that  As the legal use of marijuana and other cannabis products grows, consumers are becoming more curious about their options. This includes cannabidiol (CBD) 

What Is THCA & What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid

Jun 09, 2015 · Dixie Elixirs ReLaunches Product Line After Prolonged Market Absence. Dixie Elixirs products were off the market for several months as the company worked on development of a redesigned proprietary bottle, new flavors, new dosages and the refinement of its formulations to include all-natural ingredients. Wiz Khalifa OG Cannabis Strain Information / CannaSOS Wiz Khalifa OG marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid created for rap artist Wiz Khalifa. This weed is also known as Khalifa Kush.Wiz Khalifa OG buds resemble bright green popcorn, small and dense. This marijuana is good for morning and daytime medicinal and recreational use. High added-value compounds from Cannabis threshing residues High added-value compounds from Cannabis threshing residues. apart from a modest but significant decrease at the 3rd sampling. THC level in PC 1 and RO 2 did not change increased, or stationary, concentration of CBD throughout the cropping cycle was accompanied by an improvement of the CBD/THC ratio from flowering to senescence.